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What is Carpal Tunnel?


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by the narrowing of the carpal tunnel in the wrist and the resulting pressure on the median nerve. The 4ARM STRONG device does not directly expand the carpal tunnel, however the stretching routine does. Recommended by physical therapists to treat symptoms.

Stretching the forearm—specifically extending the wrist by pulling the thumb—can cause a median nerve release. Doing this stretch with the 4ARM STRONG can be far more effective then stretching without it. 4ARM STRONG can also create a much freer movement in the entire forearm, which can result in improved hand and wrist function.

Tennis and Golfer's Elbow


When the muscles and tendons in front of the elbow become overused, they tend to shorten and become fibrotic (stiff and brittle) causing strain. It is an issue that can occur doing an array of activities beyond tennis and golf.

The reason these injuries have notoriously long healing times is because there has been no effective stretch that creates the type of lengthening required to reduce the tension on the elbow. A simple handshake or picking up a suitcase can prevent this type of injury from healing.

4ARM STRONG has solved this for thousands of people who have not been able to find relief anywhere else.

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[Drive] Hard - Golf

Endless hours spent at the range. Countless balls hit and swings made to better handicaps. Every golfer wants to improve, yet most players do not take the necessary steps to improve biomechanics or prevent injuries. 

4ARM STRONG is a proven therapy for the muscle, joint, and tendon strain of the sport, proactively treating symptoms like Golfer's Elbow, as well as a performance enhancing tool which enhances the freedom of the swing path, improving scores and keeping players in the game

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[Serve] Hard - Tennis

Tennis is a sport of persistent practice and repetition. But, that repetition leads to the strain and fatigue of overuse, classically known as Tennis Elbow.

By creating stretches isolated below the elbow, the 4ARM STRONG device lengthens the muscles and prevents the tendons from pulling from the elbow and causing pain that can be distracting or debilitating.

The 4Arm Strong can be used to treat Tennis Elbow as well as prevent it.

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