With our forearm training device, you can improve grip strength, treat forearm and elbow pain, increase flexibility and durability, and prevent arm pump! 4Arm Strong comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

  • Great for any athlete who uses their arms
  • Easy to use
  • Fits easily in your gym bag
  • Durable and made to last

At 4ARM STRONG, we wanted to help athletes of all types find a better way to improve forearm flexibility and function, relieve elbow pain, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, reduce the risk of elbow injuries and also avoid performance killing arm pump. Arm pump happens when too much blood gathers in the forearm, which can cause you to lose grip strength. The 4ARM STRONG is designed to help you enjoy freer, less restrictive movement while you’re training or competing.


  • Weight: 0.65 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Transparent injection-molded thermoplastic polymers
  • Delrin® high-performance acetal resin
  • Lightweight medical grade 6061 aluminum
  • Velcro fastening system.
  • Sizing: Measure your forearm at its widest point

Sizing based on your forearm size in inches:

Less than 11" = SMALL
11"-13" = LARGE

Xtra Lager = For forearms greater than 13" make sure to pick up a LARGE device AND the supplementary XTRA LARGE strap.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Amazing Product!!

Today was my first ride after using the 4arm strong... I was admittedly skeptical of it for a long time, but after a trusted friend had great results I decided to give it a try... all I can say is wow! I usually pump up within minutes of beginning a ride, but put in a solid 20 mile ride at near race pace and never even felt a tinge in either arm!!! This is a fantastic product

Awesome product!!

My forearms are always tight to begin with, let alone when I am trying to race. I tried the 4armstrong out as soon as it came in the mail and could instantly feel my arms finally loosing up, it was amazing and the feeling I’ve been chasing for a long time now! I have been trying to use this everyday day and I can notice a big difference, it’s wonderful!

Not just for motorcross

I’ve noticed a difference in my tollerance working with my arms over head doing drywall taping and missing, working under a car on a hoist, and even a difference after performing wrist curls and forearm exercises at the gym, I’m using twice daily on each arm and seems to be helping reduce that tight feeling my fore arms would get daily, havnt had my hands lock up since I’ve started using this


Definitely works! Mahalo!

It’s a miracle!

I’d been struggling with arm pump since the age of 14 when I started racing. I’d train in the gym, tons of cardio and ride three times a week but every ride I could only last about 7 minutes. Everyone knows you can’t win in 7 minutes. I’m now 20 an still racing an dealing with tremendous arm pump until I purchased the 4 arm strong device a couple weeks ago. I was able to do 2 25min Motos the first time using it with no arm pump, I only got hand cramps. I use 4 arm strong every day an before rides and I’m looking to make this year the best ever all thanks to 4 arm strong 💪🏾