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There is evidence that a precursor to the Ulnar Collateral Ligament tear (Tommy John) is unhealthy forearm flexor muscles. Years of throwing a baseball will shorten this muscle group, until these shortened muscles become fibrotic or brittle. This leads to injury. It is assumed that, if the forearm flexor muscles can be lengthened, this advancement toward injury can be avoided. Importantly, a typical forearm stretch is not the answer and can also be dangerous.

The Science Behind 4Arm Strong

The 4Arm Strong device creates a new point of contact (essentially a new attachment point), so a player can now stretch muscles between this new point and the wrist. The 18 degree forward tilt in the device pushes the forearm muscles back toward the elbow, ensuring the stretch keeps pressure off of the elbow. This protects the muscles at the attachment.


For golfers, 4 Arm Strong allows the forearms to pronate and supinate more freely so it creates better biomechanics throughout the swing. It also reduces the risk of golfer’s elbow.


Grip strength, or lack thereof can also be an indication of one’s cardiovascular health. 4Arm Strong, LLC has not performed any studies relating the use of 4Arm Strong to any particular individual’s cardiovascular health; however there are studies that do indicate increasing grip strength is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and the lowering of blood pressure.


Lactic acid and muscle cramping can cause symptoms of arm pump, but this isn’t technically arm pump. Arm pump is caused by too much blood in a confined area. Lactic acid build up and cramping cause similar symptoms, but by muscle contraction, not constriction. It is important to understand the difference to understand the benefit of 4Arm Strong Sport Spray. 4Arm Strong Sport Spray relaxes muscles, reduces lactic acid build up and reduces cramping, which makes it obvious why it is the perfect compliment to the 4Arm Strong device.

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